Privacy Policy

Effective Saturday, July 21st, 2018

i. Disclaimer

This document is used to give users guidelines on what we do with their privacy. If changes need to be made, or something does not match something else, please let us know. This is intended to be changed and is not a legal document.

This document is short and to the point. Please do not skip this if you've been directed to this page.

ii. User Privacy

Visual Fire Development as a company does not collect very much user data. If we are to collect more data on our users in the future, this page will be updated and we will attempt to notify as many users as possible. When data is collected from our users, it is generally under another companies' ToS (Terms of Service) or Privacy Policy. Other data we may collect can include website clicks, surveys, polls, forms, and personalization controls.

Much of the data we collect cannot be viewed as it includes personal information or other information collected via analytics. Although, data where the user explicitly acknowledges that data will be collected can be viewed. In the case of Discord bots, all of our bots include a userdata command that can be run. As stated above, any data collected via third party services is their responsibility and not ours.

iii. Changing This Document & Following Laws

If a person has an issue with these guidelines or would like to see more information added to this page on a particular topic, they are free to contact us. The preferred method for website changes is via Email, although Discord is a recommended option as well. You can find the links to these either on the navigation bar or on the home page. If we were still unable to solve your issue when it comes to privacy concerns, and you are not okay with these privacy terms, we politely ask you to not use our services. If, in the rare case you continue to use said services after disagreeing to this document, we will manually remove you from our services to a degree determined by the staff. If you still continue to use our services anonymously, this is your concern and not our concern. It is no longer our issue.

We try our best to comly to many different data protection laws and similar, but we aren't perfect. We may miss things and on the chance that we do, we ask you to contact us. We may attempt to remove our services and/or limit the way our services work in certain countries. There is a chance, however, that this may be extremely difficult and/or impossible to do.