Visual Fire Development

Improving the world one step at a time.

A Software-Based Company

Our mission is to improve the speed, accessibility, and customizability of computer applications. Working with the community is our passion and improving on other's work is our pride.

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Make No Mistakes

Our vision is a world where computers do exactly what you need them to do every time. Providing a beautiful UI and a well-designed UX is a key component to all of our applications.

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Open Source

Our projects are open source, allowing developers to contribute to our work. Well-rounded and well-tested products are what we want to provide to the end user.

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Our Products

A picture of the Friends Vanilla logo

Friends Vanilla

Friends Vanilla is a vanilla-based Minecraft server that has one goal: stay online for a lifetime. Even after you've moved on from Minecraft or forgotten that it's a game, we want to ensure that you always have something to come back to.

A picture of the ProtoLauncher logo


ProtoLauncher is a Minecraft launcher that provides the user with more control over the way they play Minecraft. The program is an alternative to the vanilla launcher that's supposed to be fast, easier to use, and fully cusotmizable.

A picture of the Yogbox 2.0 logo

Yogbox 2.0

Yogbox 2.0 is a Minecraft modpack that updates and maintains a modpack called Yogbox, originally created by The Yogscast. While keeping the original spirit of the modpack alive, Yogbox 2.0 aims to improve it by adding newer mods, removing older mods, and fixing certain mod issues.